Recently, we were blessed to work with the family of Paul (Junior) Germann. Providing more rare items than we have seen in all of 2016, this auction drew the attention of states across the US.

Step one in prepping for this auction was to move the items from the seller’s property to our Decatur facility. Next, the items were then cleaned and photographed for their immediate advertisement across the country!

With state-wide interest, we stayed in constant contact with the sellers. Therefore, this included providing daily updates on the number of phone calls received daily for the sale.


There were countless unique finds at this auction. Here’s our top 5!

  • 1916 Reo 7 Passager Touring Car
  • 1898 Mason Runabout 2 Cylinder Steam Car
  • 1913 Metz 2 Seater
  • 1916 Model-T Touring Car & Model-T Straight Truck
  • Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. Tractor w/Steel Lug Wheels


These items found new homes in California, Washington, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

“The sellers were very happy with our services and glad they chose us to liquidate all the memories and emotions in such a tasteful and professional manner,” said Josh Krueckeberg. “We understand the emotions our sellers go through, and take the extra step to involve them as much as they want to be involved.”

Need an auction conducted for you or a loved one? At Krueckeberg, we are here to help you with any of your auction and real estate needs. Contact us today at 260.724.7402.

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